Project Manager 

We are presently looking for our 2 future Project Managers ;

  • 1 position in Mulhouse, France
  • 1 position in Zurich, Switzerland

Hierarchical reporting

Managing Director

Operational reporting

Central Project Manager or Technical Director


The project manager engineer wears two hats, must be at the same time a manager to manage the team and the project correctly and an engineer with the technical skills required to carry out the project. 

The project manager engineer oversees all aspects of a project from the beginning through completion (delivery of a turnkey project or the follow-up of a design-build project). His/hers main mission is to ensure the smooth running of the project and the completion of all its phases. 

He/she must ensure the coordination of all project teams (internally and/or externally) in order to respect project deadlines and budgetary constraints. The project manager engineer may contribute his/her technical expertise and broad knowledge in financial management at every stage of the project (such as to rectify any deviations) whilst satisfying the needs of the project. 

He/she must have strong communication skills to ensure a fluid flow of information and efficient communication within the team and subcontractors. He/she must also possess good management and financial skills in order to manage logistics and guarantee an efficient management of budget and financial resources. 

The project manager engineer must be able to respond to unforeseen circumstances related to the project by ensuring and reinforcing task allocation and resource planning.  

The project manager must justify a relevant work experience. 

Primary Missions

  • Lead and manage projects from start to finish. 
  • Manage and motivate work teams, subcontractors and other external parties.  
  • Manage financial and logistical resources. 
  • Optimize communication. 
  • Ensure thorough planning and task allocation. 
  • Intervene to bring technical knowledge to projects when needed.  
  • Carry out prevention work and adapt quickly to changes (directly related to the project).  
  • Travel occasionally to customer work sites during different stages in the project.   
  • Ensure project profitability.  
  • Provide weekly financial and operational reporting.  

Technical skills and other requirements

  • Managerial and communication skills 
  • Excellent project and team management skills 
  • Needs analysis 
  • Risk management techniques 
  • Good knowledge of financial management 
  • Sound knowledge in software such as MS Project and Autocad 
  • Excellent technical skills 
  • Fluent knowledge of English and French languages whilst German is considered a plus  
  • An interest in industrial projects and their development  
  • Proactive, good level of synthesis with the ability to adapt and work in a team  

Personal qualities

  • Attentive listening skills 
  • Versatile and well-organized 
  • Spirit of thoroughness and precision 
  • Ability to work independently 
  • Know how to carry yourself with confidence, good interpersonal skills  
  • Know how to manage time effectively and respect it 
  • Diplomatic and intransigent 
  • Analytical skills 
  • A great team player 


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